Science with a difference!

Come and experience the Little Lab Coats Natural Science Program where science gets a new look!
During our lessons, Molly, Marius and each participating Little Lab Coat will be exploring deserts, forests, fold mountains, caverns and even oceans together. They will run with rhinos and giraffes, hop around with frogs and learn how fossils were formed as they discover these. Food chains, dinosaurs, volcanoes and natural disasters are taken apart and examined; we will understand the crucial significance of something as tiny as DNA and study blood groups, bacteria and astonishing chemical reactions. The mice even built their own rocket one day, and we used it to visit not only the Moon but Mars, as well!

During our science adventures, Molly and Marius like to sing about the interesting principles they are working on, and they regularly visit the Periodic Castle of Elements, where participants are introduced to chemistry and the building blocks of all natural matter.

Little Lab Coats Science Program

Our lesson content was developed by scientists wanting to inculcate a love of science in their own children. To make each concept unforgettable, a comprehensive selection of experiments, demonstrations, stories, colouring pictures and songs are employed in every lesson. The approach ensures that important scientific principles are presented in a way that makes them commonplace and easy to grasp; even abstract concepts are easy to digest and remember. We believe that presenting a subject the right way can cultivate a love and appreciation for it in any child. Currently, the Little Lab Coats group boasts more than 90 lessons in its curriculum.

The Little Lab Coats Natural Science Program is presented at preschools and primary schools as an extra-curricular activity; we also like to visit schools to present science demonstrations and experiments for all the pupils. The mice love to attend parties and do thrilling experiments with everyone! Feel free to contact us for more information on this aspect.

Keep your eyes open for a certificate that will be issued to each participant at the end of the year. Also, at the end of each completed year, a Little Lab Coats badge will be awarded for the number of  years participated in the Little Lab Coats Science Program.

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Meet Molly and Marius

Meet Molly and Marius, our two Little Lab Coats mice and become a scientist extraordinaire! 



Franchising Opportunities

Molly and Marius will show you the ropes.   

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