Meet Molly & Marius

Our adventurous Little Lab Coats mice

Meet Molly and Marius, our two Little Lab Coats mice. These young scientists regularly have adventures where they employ the laws of science to resolve challenges by means of projects and experiments. Their ultimate goal is to instill in each participant an appreciation of and confidence in the laws of science. Come and join in their adventures….and become a scientist extraordinaire!

Dear prospective Little Lab Coat,  

We hope this letter finds you well! Right now, it’s high Summer in the Beautiful Valley, and with the soaring temperatures we’ve been experiencing,  we are anticipating a few good showers as well as a tornado or two!  

Lately, our local volcano to the east of the Valley has been belching smoke; yesterday, we thought we could hear its deep throaty rumbles afar off. We know it’ll probably wake up soon and spew some lava over several miles of land!   

But, not to worry! We all have a bit of Indiana Mouse Jones blood in our veins, don’t we? So, we get excited rather than scared, because we know exactly how tornadoes and volcanoes work!   

We love discovering new things! In fact, though we’ve been Little Lab Coats for a good while now, Molly’s jaw still drops when we discover dinosaur bones or a nest with dinosaur eggs.   

We offer something for every taste, and together we learn as we perform our own projects or experiments. Marius’ favourite topics are the Solar System and Outer Space, as well as corals on the sea bottom (Molly here; I must just mention here that Marius never even knew that corals and sea sponges like Sponge Bob were real live creatures! We’re all still learning all the time!) 

If you’re also interested in learning how marvelously the world around you has been put together, the Little Lab Coats is the activity for you! 

This is our invitation to you to join us on our science adventures! 

Uh, oh….I’m afraid we have to run! Purple smoke and huge bubbles are pouring from our laboratory windows….we have to rush over there to make some adjustments to the experiment we’re busy on! 

We look forward to meeting you soon! 

Greetings from the Beautiful Valley.

Molly and Marius 

The Little Lab Coats mice.