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If the Little Lab Coats Program is available at your preschool or primary school, you can join us on our journey of scientific exploration as soon as you have filled in and submitted the form below. A facilitator will contact you a.s.a.p with more info on the fees and class times.



  • I, the undersigned,
  • hereby make formal application for my child to take part in the Die Witjassies & Little Lab Coats science classes.
    I undertake to pay the stated fees when due.
    I fully understand that my child may be excluded from the classes if fees are in arrears.
    I accept all risks involved and acknowledge that while safety is discussed and emphasized in class to ensure the safety and wellbeing of my child during the activity, parental guidance and supervision are necessary at home when my child does any experimenting or brings back experiments from class. 


    Parent / Guardian Information



    Learner's Information

  • YYYY dash MM dash DD
  • (if applicable)


    • Registration is compulsory and a registration form must be submitted before or with the first class attended.
    • Fees are due at the latest by the second week of the term or within seven days of late registration, unless alternative arrangements are made in advance.
    • Lessons are presented in English or Afrikaans.
    • A maximum of eight lessons will be presented during each of four terms and / or eleven lessons per each of three terms.
    • There will be no classes during school holidays or on public holidays.
    • If a class did not take place due to the Die Witjassies & Little Lab Coats facilitator being absent or unavailable, an additional class will be organized and communicated with the school and parents to catch up on any missed lesson/s.
    • Cancellation of participation must be done at least one month before a new term starts.
    • Late cancellation may lead to part of the upcoming term’s fee being billed to cover incurred expenses.
    • No fees are refundable.
    • Emails and WhatsApps containing information on class activities and other important matters will be sent on a regular basis and by signing this form you consent to receive these from us. Personal information is kept confidential and protected in our database and accounts system that complies with the prescripts of the PoPi Act.
    • Interest and admin fees may be charged on overdue amounts. Should we need to make use of a third party to collect fees that are in arrears a 25% surcharge will be added to the outstanding amount.